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Posted on 27 August 2018



Today, many of us live day to day life in a stressed rushed routine were we wake up, go to work, come home, rush around screaming and organizing kids, doing chores, cooking & repeat. Many of us get so caught up in this hectic routine of life we forget to show ourselves self love, we forget about our wellbeing, our health and our skin. Well-being dramatically affects our mental health and our ability to handle stress. Self love is ever so important now more than ever as mental health is on the rise. Having a good mental health enables us to have a strong well-being, confidence and self-esteem. There are many small things we can do each day to show our selves self love and take time for ourselves to just relax and breathe and let our minds unwind and calm down.

Practicing self love can be simple and part of your easy daily skincare routine. Many of us neglect our skin in our busy lives which can make us look dull and tired which then reflects and impacts our mood when we look in the mirror each morning. By taking 5 minutes to take that time for yourself it not only teaches you internally to build self worth it also results in radiant vibrant skin which you will reflect back at you in the mirror each morning, Utilising a grounding skincare routine such as Herbal Hiraeth’s Face Ritual Set that is packed full of earthy grounding aromas, it gives us a chance to focus on those aromas and practice mindfulness whilst feeding our skin the much needed antioxidants and nourishment that life and environmental elements take out.

Another way to increase our well-being is through exercise, yoga is a fantastic way to not only tone your body it helps tone your mind also. Yoga teaches us to move slow and with purpose, and focus on our breathing. Just by breathing deeply and mindfully we have the ability to switch our bodies from the “fight or flight sympathetic mode” to the “rest and digest parasympathetic mode”, that means by just controlling how we breathe we have the ability to control how we feel. The stronger our minds become the stronger we become at handling stressful situations and life’s stressors. Move Your Body Fitness has some beautiful long lasting and flexible yoga attire to ensure you are getting the most for your body out of your yoga routine.

One of the most important and well researched impacts on well-being and self-worth is our connection to nature. More and more studies are emerging showing the ever growing importance of the connection with nature. it has shown when we are in nature and feel a connection to it we come to a state of balance, become grounded, reduce stress, increase well-being and feel connected to something greater than our mundane zombie like life, we become at peace with our life and surroundings. Just by taking a walk in nature we can let go of our busy schedules and just focus on our surroundings and our breathing and ultimately calm our mind to prepare us for the business of life.

 Spoiling yourself with some self-love pampering is a great way to appreciate all that you are and everything you achieve. So treat yourself once a week to ultimate self-love pampering session whether that be sitting back and relaxing for half an hour in a warm bath with a glass of wine or cup of herbal tea. Herbal Hiraeth’s Luxury Herbal Bath Soaks are a great way to nourish your body and your soul, choose between a relaxing Soak filled with the aroma of lavender, or a restoring soak filled with roses to feel balanced, or an invigorating soak to awaken your senses or a soothing soak to gently nourish. Reading a beautiful book is also a great way to unwind and escape the stressors of life, multitask by putting on a detoxifying face mask such as Herbal Hiraeth’s Detox Face Mask to treat and deeply cleanse your skin whilst the book treats your mind.

However you find that time to practice self love is not important, it’s just important that you find that time to practice it. When we practice self love on a daily basis we teach ourselves that we are worthy, we begin to grow confidence in ourselves and improve our mental health and ability to deal with our stressful busy lives, it teaches us to appreciate the small little things, the little bursts of happiness where they occur and not miss out on life’s greatest moments.

Written by

Candice O’Shannessy

Herbalist & Founder of Herbal Hiraeth

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