Top 8 things to look for in the perfect pair for leggings

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Top 8 things to look for in the perfect pair for leggings

Posted on 08 August 2018

 Whether you’re heading out to yoga to get your zen on, off for a run in the sun shine, or lifting at crossfit, you need a trusty pair of tights.  There’s no better motivation for working out than a lovely new gym outfit.


Yet, searching for that perfect pair of active wear leggings can take you from website to website.  There are a number of key features to your perfect pair of leggings that you just don't get with lower quality brands.  You want comfortable, functional, supportive and stylish leggings, but with so much choice on offer where do you start? As luck would have it, we have put together our top 8 key features to look out for in the best workout leggings.


Tip 1:  Aim High

Good workout leggings should be like a second skin and work with you not against you.  Gym or yoga classes are tough enough without having the thought popping in your head mid downward dog or a squat, Is my butt on show?  Or having to pull up your tights mid burpee, its just not what anyone needs.  I give thanks to the fact that fashionable has finally caught up with functional for real women's requirements and the high waist leggings are back!   We like Cool Change Moto with its double waistband and Reeva Racer with a reinforced waistband to stop slippage.  Not to mention all the leggings we offer have non see through technology.   
We literally have your butt covered! 


2:  Get Held 

Compression leggings are particularly tight-fitting and super supportive.  They are designed to hold your muscles firmly in place as you workout.
It may boost your athletic performance as they improve blood flow to the muscles, increasing agility and reducing muscle fatigue. If it's good for the elite athletes then its good enough for us.  Plus, you’re guaranteed to look great too in this pair from Stryda  It's just a win-win!


Tip 3:  Need Air 

I know first-hand how important this tip is as I have experienced how embarrassing sweat patches in all the wrong places can be.  Its safe to assume I threw those leggings away, never to be worn again!  Breathability is highly important when it comes to getting active in your workout leggings.
Power Mesh leggings are guaranteed to keep you cool and stop you feeling like a hot-mess. Not only do the mesh panels provide optimum ventilation, but they’re also strategically placed to emphasise your leg’s contours.

Tip 4:  Use the wicking force 

This is a clever bit of science, basically like a candle draws wax up a wick to the flame, wicking fabric pulls moisture from your body to the exterior where it can be evaporated more easily.  You’ll definitely be wanting to look out for workout leggings that are crafted with sweat-wicking material. Our go-tos for moisture-wicking, gym or yoga leggings are our Geometrica and we can't get enough of our Twilight tropical leggings either.  Choose to be showered in compliments, rather than sweat.

Tip 5:  Be Softer   

Oh to be comfy in anything you wear is just a great feeling and there is no reason why it shouldn't be a must too when buying activewear, especially when more and more we use our leggings for other things like a long-haul flight or even just at home with a tee.  Against the Elements are a super comfy pair of leggings.

Tip 6:  Go Long 

Elongation is our friend!  We have all known from an early age that stripes are guaranteed to elongate your silhouette, giving you legs for miles, so you can run for miles!  Retro activewear leggings are having a come back right now for all the right reasons.

Tip 7:  Do Sculpting  

A little bit of flattery goes a long way, as they say and these very clever leggings have a sneaky inbuilt V panel  The panel accentuates the natural curve and keeps your bum in check!  Another added bit of flattery we love is the great feature of butt dart leggings that lift, shape and flatter your derrière.


Tip 8:  Give Life 

So if you are at the stage in life when you are not the only one going to the gym and there is a baby bump coming too, then you need a pair of pregnancy leggings.  They have a stunning range of features as well as supporting the little one in front.  
Everyone who’s worn a good pair of legging knows that they aren't just for the gym, because lets face it they are very comfortable and oh so stylish.  We have all had a giggle at the Youtube clip Activewear it's funny because it's true.  I have definitely been at the supermarket or out for a coffee in my gym leggings and I'm not alone!  Look good where ever life takes in your busy day to day in our gorgeous and functional active wear leggings.
Check out the full collection of women’s workout leggings.

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