The BLACKROLL Functional Fascia Training concept:


Based on the latest findings of the Fascia Research Group around German Dr. Robert Schleip, Biol.Hum., BLACKROLL make fascia training available and relevant for todays wide ranged health and clinical spaces.


Focusing on fascial structures in the body, taking a holistic approach, and building on fascial training essentials including activation, SMT and integration, the concept brings together a variety of players in the health and sports sectors to nurture hybrid knowledge and cross-learning. 


By connecting and sharing experiences across various chosen fields we become more aware of the importance of injury prevention and self-healing through controlled and intelligent movement patterns.

This workshop is aimed at sports and fitness enthusiasts as well as less active people who’d like to learn how to effectively train the fascia and increase functional fitness in order to improve performance or just general well-being.

Presenter: Leigh Whitehead Movement Coach.


Leigh has a background in Strength & Conditioning and Human movement.

He owns and runs a functional movement & training studio with focus on the movement elements of fascia work.


He divides his time between this and working with BLACKROLL AU to present and deliver training and education on fascial anatomy & function, Self Myofascial Techniques (SMT) and movement.’


Register for the 2017 Wellness Day - Blackroll Australia Workshop and recieve your own complimentary roller! 


Not just a foam roller, the German-made BLACKROLL® standard gives outstanding performance and longevity. Highly durable and effective for a variety of applications. If you’re making your first BLACKROLL® purchase, this product is an excellent choice.

  • Medium density -  the BLACKROLL® STANDARD’s density is optimised for best effects across all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes.


  • The ideal tool for all applications including preparation, mobility, functional training, fascial fitness, self-myofascial release (SMR), recovery and rehabilitation.


  • Deep tissue massage effect - the BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller is harder than most average foam rollers that often can be too soft and therefore ineffective.


Size: 30cm x 15cm


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